Surviving sports season with a baby. 

Spring is my favorite time of year for so many reasons. Patio sitting, grilling, flowers blooming, bourbon on ice and the sports season starts.

In years past I only needed to bring my chair and BKR bottle as a spectator to these games.

My oh, my have things changed for this season. Having a 9-month-old very active on the go little one has forced me to create a much stronger game plan for this season. I decided a ‘survival tote‘ was a necessity to keep myself, Hadley and any other spectator at bay during games.

This play mat has been a life saver for keeping Hadley off the grass and her toys all in one place. We pair the play mat with this baby tent to keep the sun from beating down on her while she plays. As I mentioned though she is a baby on the go so sunscreen and sun hats are a must. I have fallen in love with Melondipty and their protective and adorable hat selection.

Lately, it seems that if Hadley isn’t sleeping or playing she is wanting to eat. She isn’t happy with just one snack, she prefers a variety. They do say variety is the spice of life, Hadley is wise beyond her years. Thanks to Skip Hop, we are able to pack a few snack options for her and are able to keep those snacks cool with the Sarah Wells pumping bag since its insulated. Pump bag by day, survival tote by night, anytime I can repurpose an item I am extra proud.

We are looking forward to an exciting, competitive and successful season both on the field and in the world of tackling the baby on the sidelines.



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