Meal Delivery Review: Home Chef

As a commuting, full time working, workout needing momma I have a hard enough time making dinner for the family. Let alone a meal that is healthy, quick and easy! With so many of these delivery services popping up, I am determined to try and review them all.

First up for review: Home Chef 

I arrived home on a Tuesday to find the craft brown box waiting patiently on our front porch. The box was nicely packaged using recyclable material and frozen ice packs. All the items inside were still nice and refrigerated leaving no fear of ruined or spoiled items.

Home chef meals with printed easy to follow recipe cards.

The meals we received were delicious, family friendly and thanks to a $30 off promo code budget friendly. Without the promo code, the three meals would have been $59.70, still an affordable cost for the creativity and convenience of the delivery service.

On average it took about 35 minutes from start to sitting down at the dinner table, which for a busy weeknight family dinner is a big win for us. As an individual that doesn’t find enjoyment in cooking, the recipes weren’t adventurous or difficult, which was a nice perk for me. If you are looking to learn new skills or try exciting exotic recipes, Home Chef might be a slight disappointment. https-asset.homechef.comuploadsmealsupply3831homechef_Beef_Tamale_Pie_Steps__7_of_12_-c726e9a153111345f9e3a47beb97abcb-c726e9a153111345f9e3a47beb97abcb

I recommend reading the entire recipe before you begin cooking. Being prepared with everything you need seemed to speed up the process.

What I loved about the recipe card was that a heads up was given when ingredients were used more than once. Preventing me from getting ahead of myself and usingBeef-and-Pepper-Tamale-Pie-UPLOAD_Page_2 all of the ingredients prematurely.

Overall, I appreciated the delivery service and the quality of the meals we received. I would have enjoyed less mincing, dicing and peeling but Home Chef is a service that I would use again.

What delivery services have you enjoyed? Leave your comments below.




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