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Baby Announcement Made, Now What?

Hope you had an enjoyable and relaxing Easter. Over the holiday weekend, I saw 13 baby announcements on my social media feed. Such a happy, joyous and sometimes overwhelming roller coaster the next few months can be.

You’ve made your adorable pregnancy announcement to the world, but now what? The following items, in my opinion, are a must to have in order to get through the pregnancy. 

With both of my pregnancies, my feet were so sore and achy, that I became determined pretty quickly to get some relief. The Sanuk Sidewalk Surfers had such a soft sole I felt even at 9 months pregnant I could run a marathon. Which is what I felt like at the end of each day, especially since I work full time, work out daily and chase a 6-year-old around.

Thankfully Mama Mio understands the importance of treating the outside of the body as good as the inside! They offer a full line of pregnancy products that allow you to enjoy every step of your pregnancy. My go to products are the Lucky Legs Cooling Leg Gel and the Tummy Rub Butter. Each night I would use their products hop into bed, position my Boppy Pregnancy Wedge and fall fast asleep, before waking ten times a night to use the restroom, thanks to the Belly Bottle that was keeping me hydrated daily.

I worked until the day I delivered with both of my girls but spent most days sitting and stretching using an exercise ball. My hips, back, and ribs were killing me and the only sense of relief I received was because of the various pregnancy exercises I learned.



81MB7mNwR7L._SL1500_ pink-bottle-1.1  3965_image1

Your family and friends will focus on the new little bundle that will be joining in a few short months. So you remember to focus on you and listen to your body. Enjoy your pregnancy, I can’t wait to see your sweet new bundles in a few months.



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