Cancer Sucks! 

32d3e7e9c2cd59d98d92fc361861a443Sometimes a blog can just be a diary, sometimes a human just needs to vent! Well today my friends, that’s just what I need.

My mom has been battling cancer on and off for 13 years. The last two years have been the hardest without a doubt. To constantly see someone you love fighting for their life will take a real toll on your own emotions. My mom raised me to be strong, dependent and hard headed, all qualities that she has shown during this battle.

Today, however, I don’t want to be strong or dependent. I want to be sad! I want to be angry! I want to know why!

I will never be more proud of my mom, and the positive outlook she’s continued to have daily during all of these battles. I can only hope to be as motivating and determined as she is.

As you say your prayers tonight keep my sweet momma in them!


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