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Tailgate Themed Birthday Party

Throwing parties is one of my favorite hobbies! I find so much enjoyment in the planning and executing aspect of parties. Each year for my kids birthdays I pick a theme and plan all aspects of their parties around that theme. Now that Isabella is old enough, she gets to pick her own theme!

Her theme a527a7d5cb785c3d96ed6af1982567e2of choice this year was a football tailgate party! The weather wasn’t completely on our side for a nice tailgate, we did, however, make the best of it!  Signage, pennant string banners, and food were our focus this year. 

My Cricut came in handy as usual and made most of the signage for Isabella’s party. Hobby Lobby has a great selection of football themed paper. My personal favorite is the pigskin textured paper.  We opted out of the typical cake or cupcakes and treated our guest to an ice cream sundae bar. All toppings hand selected by the birthday girl herself.

We used metal tin buckets and glass mason jars to add a little class to our party but kept it tailgate friendly with football themed disposable plates and napkins.

Isabella’s party was a great success and put a huge smile on her face. Look forward to sharing our next party with you. What are some of you favorite party themes?



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