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Juice Talk With Isabella

Isabella goes to the YMCA every day after school for a few hours. The program director over her location was talking with me about a few insubordinate employees. I couldn’t wait to discuss the issue with Isabella.

This week on Juice Talk with Isabella: How to be the boss 

Mommy: Isabella, one day when you are the boss, how will you deal with insubordinate employees?

Isabella: Insu What!?

Mommy: Ha! Employees that don’t follow the rules.

Isabella: I would give my employee three chances. The first time I would come to them and say you are in trouble. The second time I would say you are fired, but they would say “oh no please don’t fire me”. So because I’m nice I would give them a third chance. If they were bad again I would say you are fired for real this time.

Isabella: If they really wanted their job back, I would get something really dirty and if they cleaned it good then they could have their job back.

Good luck to all of Isabella’s future employees!


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