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Juice Talk with Isabella

This week has been such a fun and busy week for Isabella! She’s had parties, celebration days, award assemblies and field day. While participating in field day activities, her poor little hand got run over by a scooter. The injury made her cry and some of the other students laughed at her. While the thought of someone laughing at her boiled my blood, I decided to use that experience as a teachable moment.

This week on Juice Talk with Isabella: How to deal with bullies

Mommy: That is awful that they would laugh at you for being hurt. How did it make you feel?

Isabella: I didn’t like it at all. I mean how would they like it if they got hurt or something and I laughed at them?

Mommy: Yea, they probably wouldn’t like it. What do you think you should do when people are being big bullies?

Isabella: Well I’ll tell them to stop it! If they don’t listen I’ll just go tell Mrs. Moore. I really don’t care about being a tattletale. Sometimes you just have to tell on people. When I’m done I’ll go give that kid a hug. Hugs always make me feel better.

Couldn’t agree more, hugs make everyone feel better.




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