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Beach/Pool Day Essentials for Baby

It’s hard to think that we are halfway through 2017! Memorial Weekend is gone and we are sailing right into the summer season. We spend a lot of time in the water during these hot summer days, and we have no plans of changing that tradition with a new baby.

We have made our list of essential baby needs to enjoy our summer on the water, while still keeping everyone safe and happy

1. Beach Tote

Since a day at the beach or pool requires a lot of stuff you need a tote that is ready for the challenge. I love the SCOUT Original Deano Classic Tote because its made of a durable lightweight material that is waterproof. Waterproof is the key!

2. Wet Bag

There is nothing worse than having to throw the family’s soaking wet swimwear in the bag getting EVERYTHING else soaking wet. Keep a few wet bags in your tote to prevent that from happening.

3. Shaded Play/Sleep

Hadley can get really cranky without a nap! We purchased the Graco Pack ‘n Play Sport and it has become a key part of our outdoor time. The bottom is waterproof the canopy is extremely versatile allowing us to shield her from bugs and the sun.

4. Battery Powered Fan

It’s amazing what a little breeze can do for a hot day. Get a good battery operated, rechargeable fan and keep in the car. We use this during all outdoor activities and it benefits both baby and momma!

5.Sippy Cup

Keeping your little one well hydrated is extremely important. The Munchkin Miracle sippy is a fan favorite in the Phillips house. The stainless steel keeps the drink cool, the design of the cup makes it spill proof and it has a removable lid to keep sand and dirt out.

6. Baby Powder

When Isabella was a baby she loved the ocean but hated the sand. We learned quickly that sprinkling baby powder on bums, toes, and rolls releases the annoying stuck on sand! Keep a bottle or two with you!

7. Swim Suit and Hat

For obvious reasons, you will need these items. I do recommend packing a couple of swim suits, that way you can put a dry suit on after nap time.

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