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Juice Talk with Isabella

With school being out for the summer, Isabella will be spending her days at the YMCA Summer Camp. I love this camp because they are outdoors playing ALL day long. Raising kids that enjoy the outdoors is a big deal for us. Poor kid is absolutely exhausted in the mornings though, so I’ve been working with her on how to wake herself up in the mornings and not be such a Grumpy Gus.

This week on Juice Talk with Isabella: Morning Summer Routine

Mommy: Girl you have got to figure out how to not be so grumpy in the mornings!

Isabella: I know, I’m just so sleepy.

Mommy: Well what do you think you can do to make yourself a little less sleepy in the mornings?

Isabella: How about you just get my stuff ready and pack it in the car for me! It’s a real long drive to Lexington. I can just sleep in the car and get ready when I get there. You carry sissy to the car so just carry me too. I promise when we get there I will be real happy. Will that work?




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