Life, Motherhood

It’s ok to not be ok!

I try my hardest to be an optimistic, people pleasing do gooder in this life. Most days I fail at this miserably but it’s the thought that counts, right?

Between two kids and their activities, working full time with an hour commute, and the rest of life, gosh I just consistently feel like my tank is running low. Heck more like running on fumes. Am I the only one on this daily struggle bus?I thankfully have a group of incredible mom friends who spend most of their days, weeks and months living on that struggle bus, too! I’ve realized I have to start telling myself it’s ok!

My incredibly talented friend, Allie shared on her podcast Selfish (check it out wherever you get your podcast) that her and her husband utilize the motto “and that’s ok” daily in their lives.

There is no reason I should stress myself out to the point of being unable to enjoy all the little special moments in this life.

So I’m making some promises and changes and hopefully you’ll make some too. Today tell yourself it’s ok!

Today I left the house with an unmade bed, baskets or laundry filled, a load waiting to be folded in the dryer (at least it made it to the dryer this time), shoes on the floor and dishes in the sink and THAT’S OK!

We may have left the house a mess but our hearts are full and we feel loved. I know it’s ok to not be ok and I’ll remind myself daily when I miss the make that it’s ok.

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